Simplify Your Virtual Meetings with

Big Blue Manager


BigBlueButton Manager provides an intuitive interface for efficient management of your BigBlueButton instance. Users can effortlessly create companies, rooms, and meetings, as well as oversee recordings and users. With BigBlueButton Manager, you gain control over your BigBlueButton environment and its components.

For end-users, BigBlueButton Manager offers:
- A default personal room with a permanent invite URL.
- The ability to create multiple rooms.
- An accessible interface for viewing, managing, and sharing recordings.


BigBlueButton Manager offers a robust SAAS-Based Multi-Tenancy platform designed for the efficient management of classes and BigBlueButton video conferences. The platform comes complete with a SAAS-Based Admin Panel, sporting a user-friendly interface for seamless operations.
BigBlueButton Manager excels in providing comprehensive multi-tenancy capabilities. Users can:
- Create unlimited daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even lifetime companies.
- Exercise control over features tailored to each company and individual users.
- Enjoy personalized user dashboards, enhancing the user experience.
- Benefit from role-based access, with Super admin and Admin roles available.
- Access multi-language user dashboards, with language preferences set by the super admin.
BigBlueButton Manager empowers you to efficiently manage your BigBlueButton servers. Key features include:
- Support for an unlimited number of BigBlueButton servers, ensuring scalability.
- The flexibility to assign a single server to multiple companies.
- The capability to assign multiple servers to one or multiple companies.
- Streamlined management of multiple companies.
- The ability to impose user limits, online user counts, and meeting quotas for each company.
- Precise control over bandwidth usage allocation for enhanced performance.
BigBlueButton Manager simplifies meeting administration with comprehensive tools, allowing you to:
- Define various meeting settings, including room names, welcome messages, guest policies, and access codes.
- Set precise start and end times for meetings.
- Specify participant limits and meeting durations.
- Enable class recording and automate recording initiation.
- Manage audio settings by muting at the start.
- Control public chat availability.
- Facilitate meeting termination in the absence of a moderator.
- Enhance meetings with added files, images, descriptions, and banners.
- Facilitate guest access and playback of recorded meetings.
- Access meeting logs for insightful reporting.
BigBlueButton Manager offers robust user management features, enabling you to:
- Create new users and assign roles such as administrators, moderators, normal users, and company managers.
- Customize user accounts with specific usernames and passwords.
- Seamlessly add users manually or through Excel integration.
- Implement fine-grained access controls, assigning limited access to users within each company.

In summary, BigBlueButton Manager delivers a powerful and flexible solution for managing BigBlueButton server instances. It empowers users to efficiently oversee multiple companies, meetings, server assignments, and user accounts while ensuring a seamless and productive virtual collaboration experience.

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